Granger Inground Storm Shelter


My family experimenting with the volume of the shelter. (One more please!!)

We are proud to be a dealer for Granger Inground Storm Shelters. These shelters, in my opinion, are the best design on the market. With FEMA testing surpassing anything that a F5 tornado can throw at it. Made of polyethylene, it will outlast any owner with a lifetime warranty for the original owner. It has the only polyethylene door on the market that passed FEMA testing. These shelters provide ultimate protection from any storm that might come your way. We have already done expos with great response. We will be scheduling more after the first of the year.

We do not want to be found in a storm, but all it takes is one time for disaster to strike and this shelter will protect the life of your children, pets, grandchildren, and yes yourself. My wife and I are real advocates ourselves for we have installed ours right away. It gives us great peace of mind to know we have a place to go, to be safe, and protect our loved ones. Please stop by and see our demo or the one that is in the ground to get the real affect. Let us help you protect those most dear. We would love to visit with you or answer any questions that you might have. Contact us at 217-269-3535 or my cell 217-822-9473 (Eric) or email me at I look forward to speak with you. If we would not answer the phone please be sure to leave a message and we will get right back with you.